Some ideas about stencil creation

Hi people!

On last days me and Yue (Flow’s Mantainer) were talking about a possibility of ordinary users create new stencils. At actual situation the user needs know C++ to make complex ones.

As I need something interesting to do at Calligra, for my SoK, then this discussion gave origin to a “brainstorm”.

I wrote somethings to do, to search, to learn and to think. Are just vague ideas. I would like opinions about my purpose. Some ideas will be welcome too.

So, let’s see what i wrote:

Purpose: To allow the creation of complex stencils without the user knowing any programming language.

Idea #1: Using only ODG file:

  • The possible properties that want to be added can be defined through the functions “description” and “name” of the image created in LibreOffice Draw. These properties (of stencil) would be set through commands (tags) predefined.

Note: the “description”seems to be more viable because it has more space for text input.
Note: Tags must be defined for the properties and their values ​​(value ranges).

Idea #2: Using XML + ODG file:
In XML there would be the fields:

  • Png file name, which will contain the button image of the stencil;
  • Various fields for the properties and their values ​​and ranges;

Some notes:
#1: The scalable stencil would be a file odg;
#2: The PNG file will be the button image of the stencil;
#3: The .desktop file must be made in hand with some text editor;
#4: Would be necessary specify a location where these stencils would be loaded at program startup;

Well, as I said, I really like any comment about these ideas. I will post this link into Calligra’s mail-list to notify the others coders about my ideas and my request by opinions.